Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Assignment #3 - Retake

If you would like to see the original instructions for this assignment click here.

This was Mrs. N's suggestions to improve my pics:

Now. For your pictures. I hate to do this to you, but I am going to have you try this assignment again. Your photos are nice (I LOVE the close up of you!) but I want you to look closely at the close up one. Click on it on your blog and you'll get a BIG version (which helps me as I critique actually). If you look, you will see the leaves are perfectly crisp but your hairline is not. SO, while at first glance it IS in focus, it isn't AS focused as it could be.So, try this again but do it using a different subject. It is VERY difficult to get a perfectly focused self-portrait so I want to see you get a perfectly focused portrait of something else first...and once you succeed there then you can practice on self-portraits. So tell your Mom and M that they simply HAVE to cooperate with you. It's an order, from ME! ;-)

As you can see, Mrs. N, I got NO cooperation from the photophobiacs in my family. Only Samantha would support me. The nice thing about her -- she doesn't move. Well, not unless the wind blows her over.