Wednesday, January 7, 2009


Date Taken: January 7, 2009

Time Taken: Approx. 5:00 pm

Place Taken: Back Yard

Camera Settings or notes: No flash, Auto


First, I want to thank my sister, Mama, Mrs. N*****., and Merchant Maidens for helping me with this blog.

I took this picture because I love the way it shows the grass, the ice covered grass, and the icicles.


Nanci said...

Hey Sweetie!

Really nice perspective on this picture!!!

Love ya,


Rebecca said...

Welcome to Blogdom Caitlyn! We are going to have a blast. I emailed your mom to get the details down and then we will get started.

For now though: for some reason, I can't view the that MY computer problem or can you not see it anymore either?

Rebecca said...

Very interesting perspective. Good job thinking OUTSIDE the box, and sneaking around finding a more different view. It is a much more interesting view of the deck with the icicles in the foreground.

Sometime, I would suggest using the SAME concept, but putting the icicles into focus and the deck will naturally fade out of focus. Try it sometime and see which view you prefer!