Friday, September 18, 2009

Foto Friday - Assignment #5

Yeah! I know it has been a long time (again).

Here are "my" eyes. This little cutie is my bestfriend's youngest brother.

I love eyes, and I adore brown eyes. To me brown eyes are like warm, kind, gentle, comforting pools of love.

Miss N. you should know this cutie pie. I'll confess that I did use flash on this photo, though. As you can see his face is white in the middle (I tried to darken it up a little with sepia.) But by the time I had turned the flash off, he had crawled/walked away. Then when I caught up to him he wouldn't look at the camera. Oh, well.

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

Ah yes` the joys of (TRYING) to take pictures of walking babies.

not fun.

You picked a great subject for this assignment~his eyes are the best!

and I am glad you know the result of the flash...some people just never see the difference.

I've started a Foto Friday CHALLENGE every week now~ I hope I will see YOU participate every now and again. It is a great way to get challenging yourself! (Trust me, I know--because I am participating too!)