Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Assignment #1

Okay, Now the photo assignments begin. I have been off to a really rocky start, but now hope to post a little quicker. We'll see. So far Mrs. N*** has given three assignments, and yes, I DO know that I am only on Lesson 1. Thank you VERY much! I said that I'd try to do better.


When you are taking a photograph, you become so intent upon the subject (the main focus of the photograph) that sometimes, people forget to look around at the rest of the frame (the entire part being photographed). You may think that this isn't that big of a deal but it really truly is. It's a general rule to have uncluttered a background as possible. Sometimes you can effectively use a background to create feelings of clutter, if that is what you are going for, but often times-the LESS your eye is drawn to the background, the better.
Above is the short version of the assignment quoted from her blog. Click here to see all the assignments to date.
Here's my shot at the first assignment:

PHOTO #1 6(Uncropped)

PHOTO #2 6(Slightly Cropped)

PHOTO #3 6(Really Cropped)

What d'ya think, Mrs. N**?

1 comment:

Rebecca said...

awesome job! You couldn't get less cluttered, if you ask me! :-)

PS. I would probably not crop a photo so much if it would distort the image and make it unclear (third shot). Better to have a SHARP image than a close up one.

That said, if you can crop that much and STILL have a sharp picture, CROP AWAY! :-)

Good job!

Looking forward to other assignment entries whenever you are able to post them.

If it is too much work to post several photos for each assignment, just show your Mom your photos and she can check to see how you did for them. Then, choose your very best one and post that one for me.

But if you have time, post away! I love me some pictures! ;-)